Empowering young people to make healthy informed choices in the area of relationships and sex

Providing holistic, high quality Relationships and Sex Education to local secondary schools

The Respected Programme

We understand the pressure teachers are currently under and so have designed the programme to be ready to use with minimum input by the teacher. No advance preparation required.

  • Lively, interactive online RSE resources available to deliver in Covid safe conditions in secondary schools
  • Facilitated by the class teacher or a member of the Respected Team
  • Delivered in 2 parts: Films and Follow On
  • Compliant with and covers many aspects of Department of Education Relationships and Sex Education Guidance 2020
  • Year 7

    Think Again looks at 3 T’s (Think, Talk, Tools) that help us make positive, informed decisions in relationships.

  • Year 8

    Fake News aims to equip students to make healthy decisions in 4 key areas: social media, body image, pornography and relationships.

Respected - Year Group Presentations
  • Year 9

    I Wish explores the reasons why teenagers decide to start having sex and looks at the possible consequences of making that choice.

  • Year 11

    The Big L asks the question “What is Love?” and explores the interconnection between sex, love and commitment.

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