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“Each student is a unique and valuable individual...”

Respected is a charity set up by a local GP to deliver Relationships and Sex Education to secondary schools in Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding area.

Its underlying premise is that each student is a unique and valuable individual, capable of making wise decisions when adequately informed and supported. The programme assists young people in the development of life skills, enabling them to make healthy and well informed decisions in the area of sex and relationships. It aims to boost self-esteem and empower young people to delay sexual experience until a long term loving committed relationship, ideally marriage.

Respected - About Us
Respected - Dr Louise Parkin

For local GP Dr Louise Parkin, setting up Respected was a response to her daily work.

“I see patients suffering from the consequences of past decisions made in the area of sex and relationships: emotional problems, sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy etc. I feel that teenagers need to understand that choices made now in this area can have significant long term consequences. There are so many unhelpful influences out there.”

According to research, pornography is becoming the most prominent sex educator amongst young people. Many teenagers regard sexting as a normal part of a romantic relationship. The message of so much media and social media is to look good and to experiment sexually.

With increasing pressure on academic targets and school budgets, local schools no longer have the resources to tackle this increasingly complex area.

Respected aims to tackle these issues head on, encouraging young people to develop a healthy respect for themselves and others and supporting them in making informed choices in this vital area of their lives. It is committed to partnering with schools in the provision of excellent Relationships and Sex Education to local young people.

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