I Wish

Year 9

Risks and Prevention

I Wish explores the reasons why teenagers decide to start having sex and looks at the possible consequences of making that choice, including unplanned pregnancy and STI’s and discusses some of the emotional aspects of that choice.

It educates students on how to keep themselves safe from the risks of teen sex including information on contraception, condom use, STI testing and examines the benefits of delaying sex until a long term committed relationship.

Respected - I Wish

Part 1


Learning agreement and trigger warning. We want to encourage healthy and fulfilling relationships, and will be focusing on the future not the past. What do you wish for in a relationship?

Tom and Jenna's Story

Will Jenna have sex with Tom? What might the consequences be?

Why Start to Have Sex?

Interactive discussions and video clip. Possible reasons may include peer pressure, being under the influence of alcohol, to keep a partner, being in love, force/pressure or feeling ready. Advice on recognising sexual exploitation and abuse and where to get help.

Part 2


Recap learning agreement and trigger warning. Video. Quiz on how easily pregnancy can occur. What options are there for a couple? Abortion, adoption and parenting. Discussion on role of the father and Child Maintenance Service. Students signposted to sources of help and further information.


Pill, Injection, Implant, Coil, Condom, Emergency Contraception. Reliability of the various types of contraception. Where to access. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that contraception is used within a relationship? Do we feel ready to have this discussion with our partner? If not, are we ready to have sex? Where to go for advice and how to access contraception.

Part 3


Recap learning agreement and trigger warning. Video and quiz on facts and myths about common STIs. Difference between bacterial STIs which can be cured and viral STIs which can’t be cured and tend to recur. Most common STI in young people is chlamydia. Not all STIs are prevented by using condoms. How we keep ourselves safe and where to go for advice and testing.

Emotional Wellbeing

What are the positive things sex can bring to a relationship? Why then do surveys show that many teenagers wish they had waited longer to have sex? Maybe they wished that they had had the commitment and trust of a stable relationship before making themselves so vulnerable. Perhaps they thought they were ready but actually they weren’t? Some young people choose to wait until a long term relationship, even marriage before having sex. Concluding video.

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