The Big L

Year 11

Love Chooses

The Big L asks the question “What is Love?”. It explores the interconnection between sex, love and commitment by looking at the differences between Lust, Like and Love as possible foundations for a relationship.

It also explores the area of consent and the possible effects that widespread exposure to pornography is having on relationships. It aims to reconnect sex with love and commitment.

Respected - The Big L

Part 1


Trigger warning, expectations of session. We all deserve healthy and fulfilling relationships. Issues covered relevant to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Introduction to 3L’s: Lust, Like and Love.

Would You Rather?

A series of “would you rather” questions about relationships as a fun way to explore what we value in relationships.


Definition and effect of lust on our relationships. Consent - definition, examples and scenarios. Where to find support and how to keep safe. This section includes discussion and feedback of opinions from students.

Part 2


Trigger warning, expectations of session. Characteristics of a relationship based on like. How does pornography influence our relationships? Possible addictive potential, physical and emotional harm of heavy internet porn usage. Where to find support. Videos and interactive discussion.

Part 3


Trigger warning, expectations of session. What does it mean, and how is it different to like? Interactive discussion, followed by exploration of the similarities and differences. Love involves commitment, respect, and putting our partner's needs before our own. Sex is at its best when connected to love, which is proven over time.


We all deserve healthy and fulfilling relationships. Understanding consent, the impact of pornography and some of the differences between lust, like and love will help to achieve this. However, romantic relationships aren’t everything and spending time with family/friends also important and fulfilling. Signposting to in-school pastoral services, local and national website and help centres for further information and support. Key support areas: consent, sexual abuse, pornography, sexual health.

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