Think Again

Year 7

Choices, Influences, Consequences

Think Again looks at 3 T’s (Think, Talk, Tools) that help us make positive, informed decisions, particularly in the area of relationships.

It explores the qualities of a good friend as a foundation for good decision making and, later on, good romantic relationships. A discussion of peer pressure is followed by application of the 3 T’s to two key issues: sexting and internet safety/grooming.

Respected - Think Again

Part 1


Learning agreement. Jack’s story. Decisions have consequences (funny video), but we are all capable of, and worth, making good ones. This worth doesn’t change when we make mistakes.

The 3 T's

Think: Why? What motives do we, or others, have? What else? Are things really as they seem? What next? What might the consequences be?
Talk: it’s important to talk to friends and trusted adults. Video.
Tools: using online sources of help, privacy settings and reporting tools.


Friends are some of the most important relationships for young people. What is friendship and what makes a good or bad friend? Students signposted to sources of help and further information.

Part 2

Peer pressure

What is peer pressure? Peer pressure quiz and video. Peer pressure can negatively influence us, particularly if we’re not sure of the best decision ourselves. If we wouldn’t do or tolerate something offline, we shouldn’t do or tolerate it online.


What is sexting? Scenario and discussion. Reasons for sexting. Consequences, including legal aspects. Are we happy with the limited control we have over explicit photos? Does sexting encourage respect for ourselves and others? Students signposted to sources of help and further information.

Part 3


Video. What is grooming? Different forms. Optical illusions comparison and quiz. Grooming scenario and discussion. Recognisable pattern to grooming. Getting help: talking to trusted adults/social services/the police and using online support tools.

Final challenge: when you make decisions, will you simply do whatever comes into your mind first and follow the crowd, or will you stop and “Think Again”?

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