Dynamic, Engaging, Informative

A series of lively age-appropriate 50 minute multimedia presentations delivered by fully trained volunteers to school years 7, 8, 9 and 11/12. The presentations are delivered to a year group at a time.

Respected - Above The Influence

Choices, Risks, Consent

Presentations to the younger students introduce the concept of choice and the future consequences of early life choices. They look at the influence of peer pressure, Internet, social media, pornography/sexting and alcohol on relationships and decision making and emphasise the vital role of good friendships in developing safe and healthy romantic relationships.

Building on this framework with the older students, the presentations focus on issues of consent, sexual exploitation, the concepts of love and commitment and the effect of pornography on attitudes to sex. They explore the motivation for and possible consequences of teenage sex, including emotional and relationship problems, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. They include medically accurate and up to date information about contraception and the prevention and treatment of STIs. Students are signposted to relevant in-school pastoral services and local and national agencies for further help and support.

Respected - Above The Influence
Respected - Think Again

Think Again

Looks at 3 T’s (Think, Talk, Tools) that help us make positive, informed decisions, particularly in the area of relationships.

Respected - Fake News

Fake News

Introduces the concept of critical thinking, encouraging students to weigh up information, images or ideas before accepting them.

Respected - I Wish

I Wish

Exploring the reasons why teenagers decide to start having sex and possible consequences of making that choice.

Respected - The Big L

The Big L

Asking the question “What is Love?” and explores the interconnection between sex, love and commitment.

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