The Respected Programme

The Respected Programme provides high quality RSE resources to secondary schools easily facilitated by a class teacher or, in some cases, by a trained member of the Respected Team. For each year group, students will firstly watch an interactive film and then have an opportunity for further interaction and discussion of key themes raised in the films through Follow On material.

Underpinning the entire programme is our strong belief that everybody deserves fulfilling and healthy relationships and is capable of making good decisions when adequately informed and supported. The aim is to equip students to make informed and healthy choices and reclaim respect and commitment in this vital area of their lives.

Beginning in Years 7 and 8, the programme introduces the concept of choice and possible consequences of choices we make. It looks at influences on relationships, self esteem and body image including peer pressure, the internet, social media, pornography and sexting. It emphasises the vital role of good friendships in developing safe and healthy romantic relationships and provides tools to recognise unhealthy signs and possible exploitation in both online and offline relationships.

Building on this framework with the older students, it explores issues of consent, coercion/control in relationships, the concepts of love and commitment and the effect of pornography on attitudes to sex. It explores the motivation for and possible consequences of teenage sex, including emotional impacts, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. It gives medically accurate and up to date information about contraception and the prevention and treatment of STIs. Students are signposted to relevant in-school pastoral services and local and national agencies for further help and support.

It is compliant with and covers many aspects of Department of Education Relationships and Sex Education Guidance 2020.

The Respected Programme can be facilitated by a teacher or (for Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch schools only) a member of the Respected team.

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