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Year 8

Fake News

Thoughtful, Critical Thinking

Fake News introduces the concept of critical thinking, encouraging students to weigh up information, images or ideas before accepting them or letting them influence their behaviour. The presentation emphasises how the decisions we make, and the content we consume, can impact our relationships (both positively and negatively). This can, in turn, affect our own self-esteem.

The idea behind Fake News is that we empower students to think for themselves, equipping them with the information they need to make healthy decisions in four key areas: social media, body image, pornography and relationships.

Can be facilitated by a teacher or (for Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch schools only) a member of the Respected team.

Respected - Fake News
Respected - Fake News Respected - Fake News

Fake News is taught over a 3 lesson series using:

The Films

Fast paced, interactive short films containing all the factual information needed in the lesson

Follow On

Interactive resources that allow students to engage further with key themes raise in the Films

Student help

Students signposted to sources of help and support

Respected - Fake News Respected - Fake News

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